woman flexing in mirror after losing weight

Maddie’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

While Maddie Carlos had always been active, opening a bakery four years ago and various life situations shifted her focus away from exercise towards food. Carlos was stuck in this rut for a few years, but she pulled out of it when she realized she no longer wanted to not feel confident in her clothes. Now, 10 months later, Carlos is down 32 pounds. 

After seeing the first few pounds come off, Carlos was addicted to her new, healthy lifestyle. 

“It’s hard to stay motivated when you don’t see results,” Carlos expressed. “But the second that happens, you don’t want to stop.”

While there are days Carlos does not feel as motivated, she still makes sure to hit the gym. 

“Of course there are days that I don’t have motivation, but once you make the gym and a healthy lifestyle a consistent part of your routine, it’s okay to have days lacking motivation because I would still make it to the gym either way,” Carlos said.

After opening her own bakery four years ago, Maddie Carlos began focusing more on food and less on being active and eating well. Now, 10 months after she began working out and eating healthy, whole foods, Carlos has lost 32 pounds.

Another motivating factor for Carlos is working out at Xperience Fitness. Carlos said the staff and other members are always so upbeat and happy and those infectious positive attitudes are just as motivating as losing weight. 

Just 10 months after beginning her fitness and health journey, Carlos now has no worries when it comes to wearing what she wants and feels so much more confident in whatever she chooses. 

To continue with this lifestyle, Carlos said she plans on continuing to exercise every day and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since changing her diet, Carlos now rarely craves unhealthy foods and actually prefers the healthier options. 

As far as advice goes, Carlos’s biggest recommendation is to just not stop.

“And don’t forget that no matter how hard you work in the gym, you can’t outwork your diet,” Carlos advises. “You have to eat healthy in order to get the results you want. I own a bakery, so that in itself is quite the excuse, but I don’t let that get in the way of my goals.”