Kyle’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Two years ago Kyle Wessel began taking building muscle more seriously. He had been regularly exercising at his own pace for two years prior but was not seeing the results he wanted. It was only after taking his workouts to Xperience Fitness that he started to notice his muscles developing in the way he always wanted them to.

Wessel’s fitness journey began early on in his life. He participated in competitive gymnastics from a young age until he hit fifth grade. Although he was young, Wessel remembers how strong he felt when he was competing and always strived to get back to that level of strength.

After his freshman year of college, Wessel got a job in the beer industry hauling kegs and cases of beer. This job forced him to build more muscle, allowing him to keep up with his coworkers.
As he got older, Wessel became more interested in pursuing acting. Although he had developed some muscles from his job, he wanted to take his fitness more seriously so he could book athletic roles in different productions, while also creating a brand for himself.

Wessel worked out regularly for two years before joining Xperience, relying on home methods or competitive sports like boxing and baseball to sculpt the physique he desired. Even when he was putting in the work at home, the results were lacking. Wessel said Xperience “changed the game for him.”

“Using the Xperience gym has allowed me to fine tune my workouts based on my goals,” Wessel expressed. “Xperience allowed me to incorporate heavy compound lifts as well as weight training machines into my workouts while providing a great environment that held me accountable.”

Before: 145lbs

  • Max Bench: 115lbs
  • Max Deadlift: 225lbs
  • Max Squat: 185lbs

However, Wessel’s fitness journey was not without setbacks. When trying to build muscle, nutrition and calories consumed can make or break results. Wessel said the most frustrating part of his health journey has been his diet.

“Personally, the most frustrating part was the diet,” Wessel explained. “And more specifically for me, ensuring that I am eating enough to put on weight/muscle. It was frustrating to put all that time in the gym and not see results simply because I was eating too few of calories. Just keeping that in mind and focusing on not wasting that hard work is what helped me to establish habits that allowed me to eat more calories throughout the day.”

After: 170lbs

  • Max Bench: 255lbs
  • Max Deadlift: 365lbs
  • Max Squat: 315lbs

A large part of Wessel’s determination and commitment come from having the support of his personal trainer. On top of holding Wessel accountable and encouraging his progress, his trainer has given him insight on new training methods, like compound lifts versus isolation exercises and strength versus hypertrophy.

Although Wessel had been working out consistently, he first realized he was making progress when his friends started approaching him for workout advice. On top of his friends noticing, Wessel began feeling more comfortable submitting himself for “athletic” or “fitness” acting roles. Fitness-wise, Wessel has seen his power clean technique progress substantially.

Now, after two years of working out at Xperience, Wessel’s self-confidence has increased drastically and his confidence in his physical abilities, both inside and outside of the gym, has skyrocketed.

Moving forward, Wessel wants to fine tune his technique and incorporate more complicated compound lifts into his regimen.

“Xperience has solidified that I want fitness to be a part of my life for its entirety,” Wessel concluded.

Results vary by person.