We’re very excited to share Kelly’s UNSTOPPABLE Story. Kelly is an excellent writer so we decided to let her share her story in her own words. Please enjoy reading the second part of Kelly’s story.

October 24, 2015

You know I used to think that those people who posted inspirational messages or quotes on their Facebook page everyday were weird.   Now Kelly is the weird one.   That will not come as a revelation for a great deal of people – especially my brothers who tell me that all the time.

I am now posting inspirational messages and quotes.   I happen to like it.   Truth be told those inspirational quotes seem to do me a great deal of good and it would seem that they help other people too.

They make me smile and a smile is contagious.   Sometimes that simple act can change the course of a day.

This journey from 25 pounds to 50 pounds seems to be challenging me more than I would like.   There is a quote that goes something like nothing that is worthwhile comes easy.   I’m certainly finding that true with this set of pounds.   As I type I am at a 38.2 pound weight loss.   Now giving myself credit that is phenomenal, but I want that 50 pound mark.

People are starting to notice and I am so very proud.   It goes without saying that I couldn’t do this on my own.   My support team seems to grow every week.   That has been something different and so much fun to experience.   However, I have to admit though that with more eyes on me watching my progress, it does seem to feel like there is more pressure on me to do well.

Being in the spotlight has never been something that I am used to. I’m not the one who stands out in the crowd. I most certainly would never have pointed out anything to draw attention to myself. So all of this is good for me.   The attention of people noticing my accomplishments is good.   The fact that people are noticing Kelly doesn’t scare me as much anymore.

One of my first honest moments of true accomplishment so far in the journey occurred in the past few weeks. I was able to see a picture taken of my son, Andrew and me, taken exactly one year apart.   The differences in these two pictures was so dramatic.

For the first time in my life I showed people my picture.   I hate to show my picture to people, but I was proud. People were excited to see the differences and it was another step in allowing Kelly to shine just a little bit more as her own true person.

Matt and I are currently competing in a big contest.   Admittedly I have never been a competitive person.   I’ve always been the one who was chosen last for the team in gym class. I couldn’t throw the ball. I couldn’t run the fastest.   I always came in last.   So my view was always – why try when you know you are going to be disappointed and fail.

Now that being said I wasn’t a spoil sport about participating, I just didn’t have that winning attitude to take the extra efforts. My attitude has changed a bit now as I am starting to accomplish my goals. Winning this contest started out being a cool way to win some money.

It has changed now. Oh sure the money would be incredibly helpful for my 2017 vacation. It would make life much easier. This contest is about a personal victory for Matt and me. I haven’t had that one big thing in my life and I want it.   So this week Competitive Kelly came to play and she is ready to bring it.   She’s kinda feisty and I kinda like it.

Week one of our contest ended horribly. It was my first .6 pound weight gain. I kept it together and didn’t cry in front of the entire training room, but that first quarter mile alone on the treadmill was more tears than sweat.   Now I redeemed myself with a six pound weight loss in week two.

When the week two results were posted, our names were not even on the list.   I not only want my name and Matt’s name on the list, I want our names on the top of the list.   Not for everyone to take notice, but as a matter of a personal victory for Matt and me.   Seeing those names on the list will not make me any more successful than I already have been but it would be a badge of honor.

Week three has resulted in about a three pound weight loss and a little over 3% body weight loss.   Matt doesn’t doubt. He has confidence and everything he has suggested has been so incredibly right.   So we’ve got our game on and give it all we have to finish up these last seven weeks.

How Matt helped me become UNSTOPPABLE

You’ll notice through this journey I will write a great deal about Matt.   Matt is one of them most inspirational people I have met in my entire lifetime.   He is the guy driving all of this success.   I couldn’t do this without him.

In order for this to work, I dropped all of my walls and guards that I had protecting me before.   That wasn’t an easy task at first.   As we work, I get to learn a little more about what a true quality individual he really is and I realized it was OK.

Matt celebrates the victory of each pound of weight loss or each time I am able to do something a little bit better than the week before.   Matt also struggles with each setback or challenge that we are disappointed with.

Each week he challenges me a little bit more but in very positive ways.   I don’t feel defeated when I can’t do something right away.   I feel empowered to keep trying and get it right for when we meet again.   Matt encourages and supports. He is there to listen to my concerns and answer my questions.   I will value this friendship for the rest of my life.

I’m allowing myself to learn that Kelly is somebody special in this world.   I can make a difference in someone else’s life just like people are making a difference in my life.   That increasing support I mentioned earlier is so mind boggling important and is teaching me some valuable lessons.

Every day when I walk into the gym there are special friends who are there for me.   When I walk on the treadmill, I get waves and thumbs up and smiles from other trainers.   Those simple things just give me the extra push to walk that extra minute or do ten more crunches.

The high fives want me to raise the dumbbells or pull the bands for another round of circuit training. The winks give me the ability to want to come back tomorrow and do it all over again.

I am, in turn, trying to pass on these motivational acts of kindness in the hopes that I am able to make a difference in lives too.

Finding additional encouragement in Liza

One very special new friend is Liza Anderson.   Liza is nineteen but has this most amazing spirit and charisma to her far.   Her eyes sparkle with enthusiasm and positivity.   Early on Liza had proclaimed herself as my biggest cheerleader in the gym.

There have been more times that I think she realizes when she has given me the energy to take those last few steps to accomplish my goals.   She makes me happy and I think that she is destined for something phenomenal in this world.

The past few weeks have shown me some really cool things. With each and every pound I lose I am gaining so much about myself.   I’m so much stronger than I would have ever imagined.   Each week I find I am able to do more when I go to the gym.   I can walk farther and I can work out longer.   I am even taking boot camp.

I walk out looking awfully sweaty but I think that is the point when you leave the gym.   There is more to it than that.   I enjoy me every moment of the day.   I smile more and I have so much fun with each and every day.

Kelly is also now a hugger.   For so many years, I didn’t like to hug. I had my own personal space box around me.   I’d bet that was because I probably sensed no one would want to touch me having been so big.   Now I value a hug more than anything in the world. Sure a hug is the simple act of putting your arms around another person, but it means so much more than that.

I love to give a hug and I love to get a hug.   A hug means acceptance and pride. It means support and encouragement.   A hug means pride and joy.   I now make a point of getting or giving a hug each and every day.

How gym friendships help me excel

My friend, Michael Welter, has become a big inspiration to me also. Michael is one of my guys at the gym and he is a hugger too.  Almost every day I get a chance to interact with Michael for a few minutes.   He has one of those positive inspirational personalities that blows me away.   His smile makes me happy. Those few minutes each day help to motivate me.

Michael has taught me that I can make a difference just by being me.   He makes me more confident to take those steps to stand out a little bit more and be proud of what I am accomplishing.

There are going to continue to be challenges. I am going to have to continue to watch what I eat and push myself just a little bit harder.   The difference now is that I’m not afraid. I won’t break because my muscles hurt. I won’t melt because I am sweating.

I’m going to keep pushing. I’m going to keep getting better.   People are going to continue to notice.   I am going to continue because I have never had this much fun in my life. I don’t remember ever feeling this good about myself or my life. I can do this and it is because of all the support I am getting.

Today I’m gonna be weird – not one quote but four of them.   Enjoy and until next time, carry on and be proud.