weight loss feature story

Kayla’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Dance is an amazing way to express yourself, but it can be more than that. Zumba is an intense aerobic exercise inspired by Latin dancing and it is how Kayla Glainyk lost 112 pounds. 

Glainyk began her weight loss journey in October 2018 after she realized she was quickly approaching 300 pounds. Glainyk joined Xperience Fitness Hales Corners and was immediately drawn to Zumba Group X classes, specifically those taught by Jackie Smith and Rachel Beimel. Smith and Beimel were incredibly welcoming and always eager to teach her new moves, Glainyk explained. 

“When I first started Zumba I went to Jackie’s class, she was so welcoming and glad to have me,” Glainyk expressed. “Jackie was a wonderful support through my workout journey along with Rachel… I love them and the styles of their Zumba classes. And the energy of their classes is wonderful, it’s like being at a party!”

After a few months of going to Zumba regularly, Glainyk started noticing her body changing, but more importantly, she felt happier and more confident with herself. 

Now, Glainyk has immersed herself so much into Zumba Group X classes that if other attendees cannot see the instructor, they follow her movements. 

weight loss story
On left, Glainyk in January 2020, 112 pounds down. On right, Glainyk in October 2018.

To continue her health journey, Glainyk says she will continue going to Zumba and dancing her heart out. 

As for those who may have just started working out or would like to start working out, Glainyk says that you just have to commit to yourself.

“You can do anything you put your mind to,” Glainyk affirmed.