Girl taking selfie in mirror

Kayla’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Kayla Niquette began her weight loss journey in January of 2020 because she wasn’t feeling confident in herself. She has since lost 9 pounds and says that she has more energy, better nutrition knowledge, and more self confidence.

To her, the most difficult thing about losing weight was finding the motivation to actually get in the gym. 

“Honestly just finding the energy to go to the gym after working an 8 hour day was/is sometimes the hardest. I keep pushing because of how I feel afterward and the confidence it brings back into my life,” said Niquette. 

Niquette is a member of Xperience Fitness’ Suamico location. Xperience has helped her progress toward her goals because it’s something she looks forward to every week. “I love the welcoming environment and it’s the place I want to be after a stressful day of work,” said Kayla. 

It wasn’t easy to see the day to day progress, Kayla said, but when she looks back at photos of herself, she definitely can see the progress.

“When I see how far I’ve come, it’s an amazing feeling.”

Kayla has no plans to put an end to her fitness journey anytime soon. “I will continue to make the gym a priority in my life and push myself. Pushing myself has and always will be hard for me, but I’ll always remember how far I’ve come on this journey and that anything is possible if you have the right mindset.” 

Kayla advises everyone who is beginning their journey to weight loss, to not be afraid to be a beginner. If you want to follow along on Kayla’s journey, follow her at @kaylaniquette on Instagram!