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Katherine’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Committing to fitness and health comes easily to some people, but other times it can take working at a gym to begin going to the gym. Katherine Morgan had tried to make fitness a lifestyle for years, but it was only when she began working as a team member at Xperience Fitness Hales Corner in May 2019 that she was able to commit to her health. In the seven months since starting her weight loss journey, Morgan has lost 40 pounds. 

Morgan had worked at Xperience years prior but could not seem to fully commit to an active lifestyle. When Morgan began working at Xperience again she took a photo of herself and was taken aback at how unhealthy her body had become. 

“I knew at that moment that I needed to change and begin to create the body I had always dreamed of,” Morgan recalled.

This time, Morgan took steps to ensure fitness would become a lasting part of her life by fully immersing herself in all things fitness and health. 

“Years ago, I thought I could work out and still eat whatever I wanted, but I learned at Xperience that working out and nutrition go hand in hand,” Morgan explained. “Once I was honest with myself that I needed to make changes in my life, I created the body and mind that I always dreamed of.”

The culture at Xperience Fitness Hales Corner also helped Morgan reach her goals and stay consistent. The supportive community made Morgan feel welcome, supported, rooted for, and loved, even when she felt intimidated to walk through the doors. 

“It’s scary walking into a gym with no knowledge of fitness or lifting, but the people at Xperience are so willing to help you better yourself and your health,” Morgan expressed. “This includes the employees and the members. I’ve made so many friends among the Xperience Fitness community and I’ve never felt that at any other gym.”

before and after weight loss
On left, Morgan in June 2018. On right, Morgan in September 2019, 40 pounds down.

In just two weeks

Morgan felt the positive physical and mental changes that accompany working out pretty quickly. As for noticing a difference in her body, Morgan relies on progress pictures. 

“I take progress pictures almost every time I go to the gym and I would recommend it to anyone in a fitness journey, because even though you don’t always feel like it’s working or see it working every day, taking pictures really shows even the smallest changes in your body, especially when the scale isn’t going down like you want it to,” Morgan recommended. 

Just two weeks into working out, Morgan was able to notice a drastic loss in her abdomen. It was in this moment she knew she could not give up her new lifestyle.


In August, about three months after she began working out again, Morgan found out she needed kidney surgery, also resulting in her taking a semester off of college. Morgan’s kidney problems made it increasingly difficult for her to continue making the same progress she had been during the summer. While she did slow down and do lower intensity workouts, she never gave up, even working out five days a week until her surgery. 

“Now, in recovery, I’m grateful to have a welcoming environment like Xperience Fitness to continue my fitness journey,” Morgan expressed. “I keep moving forward because I fell in love with the way I felt while working out and I’m never going to give that up.”

Whenever Morgan would begin to waiver or lose motivation she would just think, “Nothing is going to change unless you do.” 

“I spent my entire left expecting to lose weight and be healthy and happy, but I had to learn that unless I made a change, I was never going to be the person I always wanted to be,” Morgan revealed.

selfies before and after weight loss
On left, Morgan in March 2019, right before she began at Xperience Fitness Hales Corner. On right Morgan in August 2019 after losing about 40 pounds.

Looking to the future

Despite her medical setbacks, Morgan still feels better than ever. Because she puts her health first every day, she continues to be happy with herself and her body. 

“I feel like a completely different person than I was before I began my fitness journey,” Morgan exclaimed. “I love myself, my mind, and my body. I no longer struggle to find the time or the motivation to work out – I make the time, and I have the motivation. I realized that my body is all I have, and I must take care of it.”

Morgan’s focus not only on losing fat but also on building muscle, as she wants to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.  

“It takes longer, but it’s worth it and it makes you feel stronger,” Morgan said.

To keep up with her health, Morgan plans to continue putting in the work and slowly building up to high-intensity workouts again, and while she cannot quite get back into working out intensely, Morgan will still work every day to take care of her physical and mental health. 


The biggest piece of advice Morgan has is to take this journey one day at a time while trying as many different activities as you can to find what you enjoy most. Going to the gym every day is made much easier when you truly enjoy what you are doing. 

“For me, I had to be sort of harsh on myself and force myself to work out every day, but once you find something you like, you won’t have to push yourself to go to the gym,” Morgan assured.

Morgan tried everything from yoga to personal training to cardio to Q and found her passion lied within weight lifting. 

“It’s the time that I can have by myself to focus on pushing myself and my muscles to grow and build over time,” Morgan explained. “I put my headphones in and pick up the free weights or the cables and I truly feel exhilarated.”

Now, Morgan hopes others can find the same happiness she has through exercise and nutrition. 

“Finally, through working out, healthy eating, and mindfulness, I am truly happy, and I would love to help others find the same happiness,” Morgan expressed. “…Stay on your journey because you have no idea the person you could become.”

If you would like to keep up with Morgan’s journey you can follow her on her Instagram @katherine.morgan and her fitness Instagram @kathmorgfit.