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Jonah’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Many people go into the new year with resolutions to be more fit, physically and mentally. But it takes a strong and dedicated person to actually follow through with those resolutions and drive results. 

Starting from nothing in January of 2017, Jonah Broos has since been dominating his fitness goals, gaining around 50 pounds body weight total. “I just tried it out and even though I didn’t know what I was doing, I kept going back and here we are, almost 4 years later!” 

Broos joined Xperience Fitness and received personal training when he was just beginning to work out- and it immediately became home. The culture at Xperience has always been very motivational and welcoming, Broos says, to the point where working out anywhere else simply just isn’t as fun.

His main exercise goal was to bench 225 lbs at some point in his journey, so when he hit this number at about a year and a half in, he felt inspired after thinking he would never hit those numbers. “Looking back, it’s funny to me now, however it meant the world to me then,” says Broos.

Broos says that working out immediately boosted his self-esteem and made him feel happy and proud, emotions that have only grown over time. He plans to continue to set goals in the gym and work daily towards them.

When asked what advice he would give to a person in the position he was in when he began his workout journey, his answer was: get in the gym.

“You can figure out everything else later, but what’s hardest for people is to consistently show up every day, so if you figure that out, it only gets easier from there.”

On left, May 2017 before joining XF. On right, April 2020.

And remember that while every day at the gym isn’t going to be easy, there is beauty in that. “If you keep your mind set on your goals, there’s nothing you can’t push through,” says Broos.