In January 2018, Joe decided it was time to lose weight and be healthier. Joe was at a weight he was unhappy with at 312 pounds. He started off doing cardio in the theater room at the Xperience Fitness in Waukesha, because he was embarrassed of his size. He didn’t want anyone looking at him while he worked out on the treadmill or elliptical. Then a few months later, Joe found out the theater room was no longer going to be option, as XF was launching a new fitness program called Q (Quest).

He was very upset and thought, “where am I going to hide now?”

Joe faced more adversity during the beginning months of working out, such as not knowing the machines, proper technique, and not wanting to go in the free weight area. Then one day, he saw the promotion for Q and Joe decided he wanted to get the most of out of his workouts. Joe went up to James, a Q trainer, and asked him for more details about Q group training. James said, “give it 100% and get maximum results.” After his discussion with James, Joe decided to go for it and went to a Q demo. In his first Q class, he burned over 1000 calories and was super thrilled.

Now, Joe continuously goes to Q and has seen such great results. We asked Joe what his favorite part about Q is and he said:

“We are all in this together. Q is like a family, so many people with awesome stories.”

Joe also likes that everyone at the Q classes pushes each other, as he has become friends with so many people there. In addition, Joe enjoys many of the Q trainers, as he says, “they all bring their own twist to the classes.” Since, starting Q about 5 months ago, (when Q started in Waukesha), Joe has lost 45 pounds. Total, Joe is down 107 pounds from diet improvements and Q classes.

We asked Joe what is most different about his life now and he responded:

“I no longer have Type 2 Diabetes and have so much more energy.”

He is very excited to no longer have to take medication for diabetes or cholesterol. In addition, Joe shared with us that he no longer is embarrassed to go up the stairs at work on break, because he is no longer out of breath or winded. Joe also brings his son Caleb to the Q classes, as he has become an inspiration to keep going.

XF Before and After

We also asked Joe what is one thing you would say to someone who is facing similar challenges as you did? He responded:

“Stick with it, don’t give up. Ask for help, don’t do it alone. Find your family at the gym and get here.”

Congratulations on all your success Joe. The XF team is proud of you. Keep reaching your fitness goals.

Results vary by person.