Everyone has their own motivations to lose weight. For Jiřina Tayone, the motivation was a bikini competition. Bodybuilding and fitness competitions require tireless work and dedication, and Jiřina knows all about that firsthand. She spent five months working to lose 30 pounds as well as build muscle which put her in the best spot possible to succeed!

Many people struggle to find variety at the gym, and Jiřina is no exception. “I was always the cardio girl,” she told us. “I believed that when I [would] be lifting weights, I [would] look too big and muscular. I was afraid that I would have a manly look,” she said. Focusing only on cardio isn’t problematic, but cross-training and strength training are ideal for cutting weight and building muscle. And the perceived stigma around women weight lifting needs to go away. Weight training is for everybody, no matter their gender or body type.

Finding motivation isn’t always easy, especially if you’re trying to make fitness a regular part of your daily life. “There were times I did not want to go to the gym but I had to because I had my goal and I signed up for the competition and paid all the fees,” Jiřina said. Having something to work towards to make your efforts feel worthwhile is one of the best motivators out there!

Jiřina also took progress photos of herself every month as a reminder of how well she had done and how much work she had left to do, something she recommends to everyone.

As for advice for others, Jiřina said to set realistic goals, be easy on yourself, and stay educated about your nutrition. We love hearing stories like Jiřina’s, and we can’t wait to see what else she accomplishes!