woman flexes in mirror after losing weight

Jenny’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Pictures are a great way of remembering important events and preserving priceless memories, but they can also be a harsh reminder of how your body has changed. When Jenny Arnoldi dropped her daughter off at camp three years ago, they naturally took photos to commemorate the moment. However, when she looked back at those pictures she could not believe the changes she saw in her body. 

“I couldn’t believe how much I let myself go,” Arnoldi recalled. “I knew at that moment I needed to do whatever it took to get healthier so I could be a better mom to my kids.”

Arnoldi joined Xperience Fitness in the summer of 2016 and immediately met others at the gym on their own weight loss journeys. Through meeting others with similar goals to hers, Arnoldi learned to integrate strength training into her routine, instead of just sticking to the familiar cardio machines. From there, Arnoldi began working out with a friend, then several trainers, who she says always pushed her to work her hardest. 

“Walking into the gym getting high-five’s, fist bumps, hugs, and so much more makes me feel like family,” Arnoldi expressed. “Some of these people have become my closest friends.”

woman smiles in before and after weight loss photos
Since summer of 2016, Jenny Arnoldi has lost 88 pounds.

After overcoming her self-sabotaging behaviors, Arnoldi quickly learned how much exercise helped her depression, but her three-year journey has not been without frustrations. Like many trying to lose weight, Arnoldi has felt like quitting or was disappointed in the rate of her results many times throughout this process, but she has persevered and turned to her support system whenever she felt like she was getting off track.

“That’s when I turned to friends and trainers to help push and motivate me,” Arnoldi said in regards to feeling unmotivated. “You might not always feel motivated and that’s where discipline comes in. You owe it to yourself to have the best healthy life!” 

Three years later, Arnoldi feels healthier, both physically and mentally. Arnoldi has lost 88 pounds total, losing the first 50 pounds in just the first eight months. To keep up with her health and fitness goals, Arnoldi plans on continuing putting in work at the gym, trusting the process, and continuing to enjoy being the healthiest she has been in over 10 years. 

“I’m looking forward to seeing what I’m capable of,” Arnoldi exclaimed. “Never giving up!”