When Jeff started his UNSTOPPABLE journey, he knew it wouldn’t be easy. But at 392 pounds, he realized the time to change his life was now.

Jeff met with Erik, an XF personal trainer, and got to work! Jeff had big goals, and Erik always knew he would be able to accomplish them. He was ready to provide the knowledge and training to get him there.

His Workout + Diet

3x a week – 30-45 minutes of cardio on the elliptical or bike

2x a week – resistance training with his personal trainer

1x a week – same exercises that he learned with his personal trainer  
Jeff completely changed his diet. He used to eat fast food at least 2x a week and ate a lot of junk food. Now he’s learned how to eat better and healthier.

Becoming active and changing his diet was challenging and not without difficult moments.

“I had tried and failed with various other gyms, diets, and workouts.  But I just said to myself, ‘I need to do this. I’m almost 400 pounds, and if I don’t change something soon, I’m going to regret it the rest of my life.’”

What Was the Toughest Moment?

There were times it wasn’t easy. Jeff is a picky eater, so one of biggest hurdles was finding a healthy diet that he really enjoyed. Along the way, there were days when Jeff either didn’t lose any weight or he gained the weight back. A lot of people would have given up – but not Jeff.

“Those were the moments where I questioned myself, and was most tempted to skip my workout and stay at home eating all the chocolate in the house. But you can’t let those moments stop you – those are the moments when you have to step up and try even harder.”

What Was Your Motivator?

His personal trainer, Erik, was one of Jeff’s biggest motivators. Erik kept Jeff accountable every single week and helped him stay on track to achieve his goals.

Whenever Jeff felt really unmotivated he had tricks to keep himself on track. He learned that listening to a pumped up playlist or working out with a buddy would keep him from watching the clock and help him get his work done.


1) The first month is the toughest.  

Finding the motivation not only to start coming in, but to KEEP coming in is the most difficult.  But the only one who can make that decision is you. I had multiple people tell me to lose weight over the years, but I alone had to find the courage to walk through the doors of Xperience Fitness and admit to myself that I needed help.  

2) Don’t get discouraged when you (inevitably) don’t lose weight or even gain weight back.

Between trying to diet, getting in for workouts, and a whole mess of other things life can throw at you, your weight loss probably won’t be consistent every week like you’d like. Just take it in stride, and keep reminding yourself how you can improve next time.  

3) It’s normal to come into a gym and feel completely overwhelmed when you’re starting out.

When I started, I was nervous that people would judge me for my weight, or that I looked like I didn’t know what I was doing.  I would go into the Cardio Cinema most days, because it was a dark room where people couldn’t really see me. It’s natural to feel nervous, but as you keep coming in, and keep losing weight, you’ll grow more comfortable.

“When I drop a few pounds, we celebrate, and when I’m frustrated or go up a few pounds, he stays positive and works with me to try and improve next time.”

Jeff’s UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Jeff had lots of support from family and friends during his journey. His parents helped him stay motivated by always being his cheerleader and telling him how proud they are of his results.

“I’m much more confident and comfortable with myself as I’ve lost so much weight.  Often I have friends and coworkers ask me how many pounds I’m down, and they’re very impressed with my journey.”

“And don’t think that people are judging you – they’re there for the same reason you are!”