bulking up story

Her’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Her Vang has been interested in weight lifting since high school, but when he hit 21 years old he realized he was not as happy with himself as he could be and vowed to make a change. So, in the summer of 2016, Vang began bodybuilding, and within three years, he has put on 13 pounds of muscle and competes in physique competitions. 

When Vang was striving to better himself, he turned to bodybuilding, a natural progression from weight lifting in high school. However, bodybuilding required far more dedication and planning that weight lifting ever did. 

“When I first started, I just ate healthily and didn’t really measure my intake of food,” Vang recalled. “Over time, this structure failed because I was guessing everything.”

While Vang was frustrated that he was not progressing at the rate he wanted to be, he turned it into a learning opportunity. 

“I did my own research and learned more about the body and nutrition,” Vang explained. “That allowed me [to] excel further and when you see results, you want to keep going.”

man before and after starting to bodybuild
On left, Vang in 2013 before he began bodybuilding. On right, Vang in 2019 at an NPC Men’s Physique competition. Vang began bodybuilding in 2016 and has put on 13 pounds of muscle.

To prepare for his National Physique Committee Men’s Physique Competitions, Vang continuously went to Xperience Fitness.

“[Xperience] gave me the right resources to train efficiently and grow,” Vang expressed. 

Now that he is three years into his bulking journey, Vang has learned to stop making excuses for himself in regards to fitness and nutrition and feels much more healthy and proud of his progress. 

To continue getting the results he wants, Vang plans on continuing to go through cycles of bulking and cutting. 

Vang is a one-time Men’s Physique Overall Champion and a two-time national qualifier, but he did not become successful without sacrifice. 

“When you get real with yourself and real with what you need to do to reach your goal, you will know what you have to do,” Vang said. “You’re going to have to sacrifice certain nights out, lose a little sleep, possibly, and probably won’t be able to enjoy certain things in life for a period of time. But, ultimately, that’s going to force you to create a better structure for yourself, create better habits, and create better anything that will push you towards your goal.” 

Vang encourages those who have questions or would like to follow his bodybuilding journey to contact and follow him on Instagram @herr.vang.