Gordon is a humble man. This Brookfield Xperience Fitness member and US Veteran is an incredibly hard worker and never gives up achieving his goals. He’s truly an inspiration for the rest of us.

At 73 years old, Gordon knows that he’s an anomaly. Others his age are happy they can go up and down the stairs with little issues, but Gordon wants more. From a young age, Gordon promised himself he’d stay active and fit. He’s kept that promise!

Xperience Fitness offers resources for those who wish to start a fitness regime at any age. We recommend a few personal training sessions with one of our expert trainers to build the perfect workout routine for you. There are many classes at every Xperience Fitness for all ages and skill level. We have the Silver Sneakers Club with workouts designed for our older members. Stop by your front desk and ask about these options today.

What goal did you achieve?

At 73 years old, Gordon’s next fitness goal is to lift 3x his weight!

He currently weighs 150lbs and wants to lift 450lbs!

What caused you to start your UNSTOPPABLE journey?

Gordon’s number one goal is to keep himself healthy and fit. He sees others his age struggle physically and knows he doesn’t want that. After a sickly childhood, he promised himself he would enjoy a healthy and active life. And he’s kept that promise!

His fitness goals are simple, yet they are goals we should all be working to achieve!

Gordon’s 3 Fitness Goals

  1. Self-Defense
  2. Self-Confidence
  3. Health

What keeps you motivated?

His biggest motivator is other Xperience Fitness members! Gordon is naturally competitive so when he sees other members achieving fitness goals, he wants to try to keep up. It’s all about attitude and hard work.

However, Gordon respects his age.

“Age isn’t a battle that you’re going to win, but it’s nice to know that at 73 years old, I can still do almost everything that I want to do.”

If you see Gordon at the gym, don’t feel self-conscious! “I respect anyone who’s out there doing something!”

Tell us about your workout regime/diet.

He currently works out 3x a week and when he does go it’s for about 2 hours.

He always starts with basic exercises and cardio before tackling the heavy stuff.

Gordon always finishes his workout with a cool-down.

“I only workout 3x a week because as you get older you need more recovery time!”

To maintain his workouts, he eats a diet of high protein foods such as beans, nuts, and plain nonfat greek yogurt plain with a little bit of coconut.

How has working towards/achieving your health goals affected other areas of your life

Working out helps Gordon out psychology and mentally. It keeps him healthy and active. He has the confidence to do whatever he’d like to do!

“I’m in my golden years! I’m trying to work out and enjoy myself. I just want to have a good time.”