Everyone has their own story and everyone has their own obstacles to push through. For Tom, the hurdles he’s had to overcome are a bit higher than others. Tom primarily uses a wheelchair to get around, which, naturally, requires more effort to complete his workout regimen. However, this isn’t anything that has stopped him from striving to achieve his goals and inspiring others.

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Robert Leadley, a Senior Director at BeatBoss™️ Indoor Biking and Consulting, first noticed Tom on the gym floor at one of our Minnesota clubs working with a personal trainer. “After [a] BeatBoss™️ Cycle class, I noticed a class regular, Martin, chatting with Tom,” Robert said. “I approached Martin to see if Tom would be interested in trying a class with the SciFit hand crank machine and now Tom is also a regular.”

It goes without saying, but a cycle class is not ordinarily where you will find someone who needs a wheelchair. However, thanks to Robert’s innovation and Tom’s adaptability, he has been enjoying tons of success in Robert’s BeatBoss™️ Cycle class. “Tom was already very active with his personal trainer at Xperience Fitness,” Robert told us. “But [he] had desired to add more cardio to his workouts. BeatBoss™️ is perfectly filling that missing aspect to his workouts, plus many more health benefits.”

As is the case with any new type of workout, there was a learning curve for Tom but he never allowed frustration to seep in. In fact, his primary directive at Robert has been “Don’t hold back. I want you to kick my butt!” This is an awesome state of mind we love to see our clients immerse themselves in!

Before participating in the BeatBoss™️ Cycle class, Tom didn’t have a great way to get a cardiovascular workout going. “He is also learning to translate the upper body add-ons which work his upper body fascia, muscle tone, plus the mind-body connection of problem solving and reaction time,” Robert said of Tom.
Tom continues to be a consistent presence at Robert’s classes and is serving as an inspiration to others to push themselves and strive for greatness. As for BeatBoss™️ Cycle, Robert said, “We ride the beat, focus on power based drills, and utilize safe and effective upper body add-ons for a totally unique indoor cycling experience. Modifications are always offered so all levels are welcome. We bring purpose to the party!”

Hear from Tom in the video below!