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Everyone has their own story. Some fitness journeys are long and winding, others involve short-term, fast-paced goals. For Lauren Pfile, the story is about her impressively losing 30 pounds in just three months!

Lauren found herself a personal trainer, Rebecca “Becca” Kelly, at Xperience Fitness in Suamico. “Because of Becca, I’ve not only learned how to overcome those objectives, but I have learned how to make this a lifestyle that is manageable,” Lauren said.

Like many people starting a new regimen, Lauren had feelings of anxiety and unease as she didn’t have a full understanding of how to reach her goal. But that changed when she was introduced to the warm and welcoming world of personal training at Xperience. “With endless support, education, and motivation,” she told us, “ I know I will become the best version of myself.”

Great work, Lauren! And we look forward to what else you can achieve during your fitness adventures!

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