Daniel’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

man smiles in before and after weight loss photos
Daniel Zogaa officially began his fitness journey in March 2016 (pictured left), three years later, Zogaa is 133.2 pounds down. On right, pictured in May 2019, Zogaa is 281.8.

When Daniel Zogaa began his weight loss journey in March 2016, he was over 415 pounds. Over the course of the next three years, he lost 110 pounds but continued to lose and regain the same weight. In short, he was stuck in a seemingly endless cycle. Enter Jake Malzahn, President of Club Operations at Xperience Fitness. After hearing Zogaa’s journey, Malzahn approached him and told him about the 28-day challenge. From there, Zogaa began to drop the weight that always seemed to make a reappearance.

What is a 28-day challenge?

The 28-day challenge is a weight loss program created by Malzahn. It involves restricting caloric intake, fasted workouts (working out in the morning before eating), two-a-day workouts and a 10-hour eating window. From April 10 to May 7, Malzahn had Zogaa starting his day earlier with a fasted cardio session, lowered his carb and calorie intake, and added high-intensity interval sessions.

Back to the beginning

daniel takes photo in red outfit during weight loss journey
Zogaa, pictured in November 2018, was in a weight loss rut after losing 110 pounds.

Before starting to workout in 2016 and the 28-day challenge, Zogaa’s weight had been a constant struggle.

“I have always wanted to lose weight, I grew up an overweight kid and it has been a significant struggle throughout my life,” Zogaa revealed. “I have had countless moments of success and failure.”

In 2018, Zogaa began working out at Xperience Fitness before eventually getting a job there in 2019. It was when Zogaa began working at XF in February that he was introduced to Malzahn and the 28-day challenge, essentially changing the course of his health journey.

Working at XF while doing the challenge provided Zogaa with a massive support system. His coworkers were eager to rally around him, giving him encouragement and support when he was feeling frustrated.

28-day challenge

Zogaa had changed his lifestyle prior to beginning the 28-day challenge but was struggling to keep all of the weight off.

“The 28-day challenge reignited my flame and helped me crush my goals,” Zogaa expressed.

Although he entered the challenge with a renewed sense of purpose and determination, trying to lose weight is a difficult, frustrating task.

“During the 28-day challenge I had much success,” Zogaa explained, “but there were also many times I was frustrated. I never wanted to give up because I understand habit change and weight loss is one of the most difficult things for a person to do.”

Despite Zogaa’s frustration, he continued pushing himself, even when it was uncomfortable. Any time he wanted to stop, Zogaa focused on why he was working out in the first place: to look good and feel good.

“Weight loss has changed my life drastically both physically and mentally,” Zogaa expressed, “and the feeling of accomplishment is extremely satisfying. I also want to show others it is possible to change your life.”

Mental and physical progress

man flexes after weight loss
Zogaa, pictured in May 2019, dropped 23.2 pounds during the 28-day challenge.

Throughout Zogaa’s weight loss journey, he has noticed consistent physical and mental improvements. Now, Zogaa can walk up the stairs with confidence and no longer has the worry that he will be gasping for breath at the top. He also can fit into clothes he actually wants to wear now, his body has stopped aching, his sleep schedule has been transformed, and, most importantly, he is happy with the man he sees in the mirror.

Since the 28-day challenge, Zogaa has managed to keep his weight down and still uses the strategies and workouts he learned to keep himself on track.

To continue with his progress, Zogaa is committed to the lifestyle and fitness plan that have taken him this far, such as, eating quality foods, working out consistently, and staying disciplined and focusing on his end goal.

Now, three years after his weight loss journey began, Zogaa is down a total of 133.2 pounds, losing 23.2 pounds during the 28-day challenge alone.


Losing 133.2 pounds is no easy feat, and Zogaa has picked up some tips and tricks along the way.

“I would like to let others know that it is possible to change yourself,” Zogaa assured. “All it takes is one step in the right direction. Each day, focus on making at least 1% progress and eventually, you will get there. If you don’t know where to start seeking help, join a gym, ask a friend or surf the web. It is not going to be easy but with patience and consistent behavior your success is inevitable.”