Guy flexing in mirror

Cole’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Cole Fennell’s fitness journey started as a trainer at Xperience Fitness in Northtown, but he didn’t feel like he looked the part, so he decided to put what he knew to the test.

“ [This was] Not only for me but for my clients to see what I could offer them. I got my nutrition on point putting myself in a 300 calorie surplus to put on muscle.” said Cole.

After about 3 months of a 5 day total body split (5 days a week working every body part with emphasis on certain ones each day), Fennell had put on about 10 pounds of muscle.

Then, the next 2 months were spent dropping fat. “Dropping myself into a 300 calorie deficit. Switched my exercises to plyometrics and cardio to increase my calorie burn and also took a bunch of the other coaches Q classes.”

In both pictures, Cole was 200lbs. “This goes to show that what you see on the scale doesn’t always matter,” said Fennell.

He believes that if he hadn’t decided to be a trainer then he wouldn’t have pushed so hard. “Having a gym to utilize between my clients really made a difference. Xperience having so many different ways to exercise also made sure I was never bored. And Q class! If you’ve never done Q before, come take one of mine or my coaches classes, I guarantee you’ll have a blast and make progress toward your goals.” 

Thanks Cole for the great advice, and we wish you the best of luck with the rest of your fitness journey!