As you get older, you need to stay active! Xperience Fitness member, Bob, was in fairly good shape, but knew he wasn’t where he wanted to be. That’s why he joined Silver Sneakers Club! So far, he’s in great shape and even lost 20 lbs!

When Bob joined the Silver Sneakers Club a year and a half ago, the group had about 15 people and now there are over 30 members! The Silver Sneakers Club is a program for seniors 55+ to work out together every day.

“We shepherd each other! We keep each other on track and it’s a lot of fun working out together,” said Bob.

His Workout + Diet

5x a week – Bob hits the gym
3x a week – Silver Sneakers classes
2x a week – using machines
Saturday – spin class

Bob avoids junk food and limits himself on alcohol.

“There’s nothing wrong with having a glass of wine or beer, but limit it!” said Bob.

Who Inspires You?

Xperience Fitness trainer, Mary Catteron, runs the Silver Sneakers Program. At 64 years old, she is really an inspiration. “She’s my inspiration and for many of us. We’ve got people who are 84 years old who are regular. If she can do it at 84, that’s my goal,” said Bob.

What are 3 tips to share with others who are starting their journey?

  1. Try a Silver Sneakers class – that’ll get you involved and see how much fun it is (one time a week is better than no times a week
  2. If you’re just starting out, get a trainer – even just for guidance and training of how to use the machines and things
  3. Don’t do the same thing over and over again – it will get boring!

How has working towards/achieving your health goals affected other areas of your life?

The only time Bob goes to the doctor is for his annual exam and he rarely gets colds. Because of Silver Sneakers, he watches what he eats and keeps active.

Join the Silver Sneaker Club today!

“This is really a godsend. A lot of people my age struggle to walk up steps! I’m so happy that they have programs like this!”