man stands in pants he used to wear before weight loss

Billy’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Billy Grisack’s life took a drastic turn after having heart bypass surgery. Grisack began continuously gaining weight and developed a variety of serious medical issues. He quickly hit 400 pounds, but it was only after a tragic family event and meeting a man that would inspire him to lose weight that Grisack took his health seriously. Now, about two years later, Grisack is down 90 pounds. 

After his heart bypass surgery, Grisack not only gained weight, he became depressed, developed diabetes, and had high blood pressure and cholesterol. These medical conditions led Grisack to be on 20 different prescription medications. When his 17-year-old daughter died suddenly from a heart defect, Grisack’s wife was convinced he would be next. The tragic death of his daughter shook Grisack to the core, but it was when he met a man at his wife’s birthday party who lost 100 pounds through diet and exercise that inspired him to follow in his footsteps.

man in before and after weight loss photos
On left, Grisack in 2019 after losing 90 pounds. On right, Grisack in 2016.

In the first six months of his journey, Grisack simply changed his diet. 

“But then I got stuck at the same weight,” Grisack recalled. “Also, I still couldn’t walk long distances without almost blacking out or using my inhaler.”

At first, his workouts were just walking from his car door to Xperience Fitness’s door. Eventually, he made it to the locker rooms, and then the pool. Now, Grisack is in the gym for at least an hour five or more days a week. His main workouts include pool exercises, cardio, and some strength training. 

While Grisack, like everyone, still has his ups and downs, he refuses to be who he was in his old photos. But more importantly, he does not want to be taken from his wife too early. 

Now, two years after he began taking his health seriously, Grisack’s life has been transformed. 

“I can breathe,” Grisack expressed. “I can use the stairs. I can stand for eight hours a day at work. I can sing and play guitar again (I was a professional musician for 40 years). No more insulin. I’m off most meds. I look and feel younger. I’m more active. My wife is happier.”

Grisack recently completed the 14-Day Weight Loss Challenge through Xperience Fitness and took notice of the impact regular exercise has been making in his life. Grisack has also reduced his shirt size from a 5XL to a 2XL for the first time in 29 years. 

man smiling after losing 90 pounds
Grisack in August 2019 after losing 90 pounds.
man, his daughter, and a musician in 2016
Grisack, right, weighing over 400 pounds, and his daughter in August 2016.

To continue with his journey, Grisack says he will continue putting in the work, setting new weight loss goals, and learning from the Xperience Fitness staff. 

As far as advice goes, Grisack said if he could start his fitness journey at 56 years old, anybody can take those initial steps to put their health first. 

“I spent my entire adult life until this point sick and overweight,” Grisack revealed. “I finally took charge at age 56 and now at 58 I feel those days will soon be behind me. I wish I had started sooner, but if an old dog like me can do it so can you. Don’t take shortcuts. Diet and exercise are the way.”

Grisack also says to remember to surround yourself with positive, supportive people that will encourage you to be the best that you can be. 

“The staff and other clients at XF are a major part of that,” Grisack expressed.