Bethany’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

weight loss before and after
After working out for just over one year, Bethany lost 63 pounds. On left, Bethany in 2015, weighing 228 pounds. On right, Bethany on May 12, 2019, weighing 164.4 pounds.

Trying on clothes from a younger age expecting them to fit just as well is a feeling many of us have had. When Bethany Hunt tried on her old college marching band jacket and it would not zip up, she knew she wanted to seriously revamp her lifestyle. In just one year, Bethany was able to lose 63 pounds and gain self-confidence, strength, and energy.

After struggling to carry a bookcase up the stairs to her apartment and realizing her college marching band jacket no longer fit, Bethany decided to make a massive lifestyle change. Bethany was tired of feeling sluggish, having low self-confidence, and being discouraged while clothes shopping. Within a few days of the realization she wanted to make a long-lasting change, on March 3, 2018, she set up a tour with Xperience Fitness.

Within a week of joining Xperience, Bethany joined the Q community and six months later she introduced personal training to her routine.


three women smiling
Bethany, left, in May 2019, 63 pounds down.

It was when she joined Q and began personal training that Bethany started noticed her body and mind evolving.

“My personal trainer Paige Meyer (Xperience fitness Green Bay) pushes me at every session,” Bethany expressed, “encouraging me to use heavier weights, and try new exercises I never thought I would be able to do. She also keeps me accountable nutrition-wise and keeping up with my daily exercise. When I’ve hit a plateau and become discouraged, my trainer always finds a way to help me push past it, even if it takes a month or so.”

Bethany continues to be surprised at the things she is now able to do. When she first began working out, her maximum treadmill speed was 5 mph, now she can run at 8 mph. She could not do a burpee or push-up on her feet, now she can do both. When it comes to lifting weights, Bethany maxed out at less than 10 pounds, even for a bench press, now she uses at least 20-pound dumbbells for her bench press.


woman smiling in mirror after weight loss
Bethany, pictured in March 2019, took a progress photo every month, allowing her to see that her effort was paying off, even when it did not feel like it.

While Bethany has made significant progress in her health and fitness journey, there were still many obstacles to overcome.

Bethany said there were numerous days that she could not complete an exercise in a Q session or while personal training, which caused her to feel increasingly frustrated. Along with struggling with certain exercises, Bethany hit plateaus in her weight loss.

“I sometimes thought, ‘Why am I working so hard, but not seeing results?’” Bethany recalled. “I kept moving forward because of the support I got from my family, Q coaches, and my personal trainer.”

Emerging on the other side

After overcoming many barriers, Bethany now feels better than ever, having newfound energy and self-confidence. Her fitness levels have also transferred over to her job as a teacher.

To keep up with her health, Bethany plans on continue attending Q sessions, working on her nutrition plan, and do one personal training session a week.


The largest suggestion Bethany gives is so simple, but can be the hardest advice to follow: Never give up.

“Fight through the tough times to get to better times,” Bethany encourages. “If possible, find a group exercise class to join and/or add personal training – I believe the extra accountability through these resources is instrumental in a person’s success!”

Results vary by person.