photo after weight loss

Angie’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

When Angie Rosales Vazquez had her son in February 2017, she knew she had to make lifestyle changes that would allow her to be there for him both mentally and physically. At just over 325 pounds, Vazquez suffered from constant knee and back pain and had low self-esteem. But since having her son, she has lost about 110 pounds. 

Vazquez knew she was overweight before having her son, but looking into her son’s eyes after giving birth to him, she knew it was time to commit to some serious changes in her lifestyle.

“I wanted to be able to chase him around and play with him,” Vazquez revealed. “At the weight I was at would have made that difficult. I knew then it was time for a change.” 

Vazquez joined Xperience Fitness because of the various cardio options and the ability to go to the gym whenever it would fit into her schedule, which was typically early in the morning. 

When Vazquez first began working out she struggled. Although she was working out consistently, Vazquez did not see the physical changes she was hoping for. 

On left, Vazquez in February 2017 at around 325 pounds. On right, Vazquez in January 2019, 110 pounds down.

“I felt all the work was just a waste and I almost gave up,” Vazquez explained. “I kept moving forward because I knew what would happen if I gave up, but I didn’t know what would happen if I didn’t give up.”

While Vazquez never had a personal trainer herself, one offered her advice about switching up her routine to see more visible changes. It was when she took this trainer’s advice that she started seeing her hard work pay off. She also consciously ate healthier foods and maintained a positive attitude. 

Through this nearly three year journey, Vazquez has discovered she is in love with working out, even if it is just a brisk walk. Now, Vazquez exercises at least six times a week. 

“I have so much energy and focus compared to when I was over 300 pounds,” Vazquez expressed. “My mental state has improved [as well as] my self-esteem. And, I am now able to play [with] and chase around my now two-year-old son.”

To continue with her progress, Vazquez will continue to workout at Xperience and keep her workouts fun and exciting.

As far as advice goes, Vazquez recommends starting slow and having fun. If you fall down seven times, get back up eight. 

“The best choice I ever made was joining XF back in 2017,” Vazquez exclaimed. “If I had not I would have never found out how much I enjoyed a good workout.”