woman smiling in weight loss before and after photos

Amanda’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

Like most, Amanda Hanson has always felt like she was on a “weight loss journey.” She had convinced herself that she was eating healthy enough and working out with intent at the gym, but the results were not consistent or equal to the work she thought she was putting in. When she joined an 8-week transformation challenge in July 2018, Hanson was finally learning how to properly eat right and exercise, and it made all of the difference. In just 11 months, Hanson has lost 18 pounds and is down 11 percent body fat. 

Moment of change

After visiting her wedding venue in July 2018, and seeing a photo of her and her fiance from that day, Hanson knew that if she did not make more of an effort to change her lifestyle she would not be as confident in her own skin at her wedding in October 2019. 

Consistency is key 

amanda hanson in a photo pre weight loss
Amanda Hanson began her weight loss journey in July 2018, starting at 166 pounds.

Hanson has always been a morning gym-goer and it has been this consistency that has kept her on track. 

“Honestly, it’s the community of people there that keep me getting up and going consistently,” Hanson expressed. “It’s not too busy and everyone knows each other. In the past, I’d had ‘gym-intimidation,’ not knowing exactly what I’m doing, but I’ve found that all the regulars I see each day are always friendly and welcoming.”

Hanson is consistent in three factors when it comes to her health: fitness, diet, and supplements. While working out is essential to progress, nutrition is equally, if not more, important. Hanson’s continued progress can be attributed to counting her macronutrients and frequent weight training. 

Weekends can be a time of slipups for everybody, so to keep herself accountable, Hanson takes photos every Sunday. These photos not only show her she is making progress, but they also serve to reign in unhealthy weekend behavior. 

“I started noticing my first changes about four weeks in and over time, these changes continued to progress,” Hanson said. 

Medical setbacks 

As consistency is key to seeing results, it can be incredibly frustrating when medical setbacks get in the way of those goals. 

Hanson has struggled with sciatica – pain affecting the back, hip, and outer side of the leg, caused by compression of a spinal nerve root in the lower back – for years and used to have regular flare-ups. 

“I was doing really well with consistency in the gym until January 2019 when I re-pinched my nerve,” Hanson recalled. “It put me in the emergency room and took me out of the gym for a few months. It was incredibly hard for me to get back into my groove after that.”

Renewed energy 

amanda hanson smiling in post weight loss photo
Hanson in summer 2019, down 18 pounds and 11 percent body fat.

When taking care of your body, positive changes greater than physical will emerge. Since July 2018, Hanson feels better in every aspect of life, she has more confidence, energy, and is overall happier. 

To continue with her current journey, Hanson has begun leading 28-day transformation challenges. Surrounding herself with a community that also wants to make positive changes in their lives motivates her towards her current goals and inspires her to make new ones. 


Hanson’s number one advice when it comes to starting a fitness journey is to just start. 

“It’s so easy for days/weeks/months to fly by if you’re waiting for the perfect time,” Hanson explained. “It’s going to be challenging but it’s going to be worth it.”

Finding someone who knows nutrition well and can steer you in the right direction is also essential, Hanson said. 

“Nutrition is such a crucial part of seeing results and this is what I struggled most with before starting the transformation challenge,” Hanson revealed.

Lastly, Hanson recommends taking a friend to the gym. Working out with a friend is scientifically proven to hold you accountable in going to the gym and will increase your output when you go to the gym. 

“I share my journey on my Instagram and have made tons of friends (others looking to reach similar goals) because of it,” Hanson said. “It helps to hold me accountable and I love seeing everyone else’s journey. If you’d like to follow along and share your journey with me, feel free to find me there (@Amanda.hansonnn).”

Results vary by person