Alexis’s #UNSTOPPABLE Journey

women smiling in weight loss before and after

Alexis Rose was beginning to feel unfamiliar to herself, like a stranger in her own body, when she noticed she was beginning to buy clothes three sizes larger than she was used to. This unfamiliarity triggered Rose to sign up for Xperience Fitness in early 2018. But bad habits are hard to break, and Rose was stuck in an endless cycle of starting to exercise before abruptly stopping. It was when she committed to the Q Experience that Rose finally started dropping weight, losing 27 pounds in just over six months. 

Where the journey begins 

woman stands sideways in before weight loss photo
Alexis Rose started her fitness journey at 206 pounds.

Rose’s moment of realization was when she began having to buy clothes that were a few sizes larger than she typically wore. Although this moment triggered her desire to change, patterns persist. 

“I’d be committed to a plan for a few weeks and then revert back to old habits,” Rose revealed. 

Rose did not join Q until about a year and a half after she started at Xperience, but it was this decision that transformed her life. 

“Though slowly and a few setbacks along the way, I’ve kept moving forward,” Rose expressed. “Since joining Q, I have lost 27 pounds.”

The Q Experience

Q is a 45-minute high-intensity interval training inspired session through Xperience Fitness that burns calories during and after the session. 

When Rose first joined Q, she quickly became frustrated that she was not losing any weight, but this was because she was gaining muscle and did not follow a healthier diet. 

“I met with a Q coach to talk nutrition, got a meal plan, and began experimenting with healthier habits in my diet,” Rose explained.

It was this change that triggered Rose’s weight loss. 

Effort in, results out

In early April 2019, Rose revamped her workouts and cut sugar, carbs, and alcohol from her diet for two weeks. This extra effort helped her hit her next weight loss goal.

“It was great proof that I can achieve my goals with discipline and momentum,” Rose exclaimed. 

Now, Rose feels far more energized and confident. 

“I feel like my body is thanking me for doing what I can to keep it healthy and strong,” Rose said. “I feel a higher sense of purpose and capability.”

Discouraging setbacks 

Not every fitness journey is a straight shot to a particular goal, life gets in the way and achieving fitness and health goals can take a back seat. 

In February 2019, Rose’s family unexpectedly lost their dog. A death in the family will certainly upset healthy habits and Rose ate cheesecake for breakfast the next day, as a means of comfort, and did not step back into a gym for almost 2 months after. When she finally snapped out of it, she was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome – an autoimmune disease that mostly affects the mouth and eyes, but can also negatively affect the joints, lungs, etc. 

“With this diagnosis, I was so relieved to better understand my aches, pains, and fatigue,” Rose confessed. “Oftentimes, working out would send me into exhaustion and I wouldn’t be able to work out for days at a time. Now that I know what’s going on with my body, I am better able to care for it and I’m even more motivated to do so.” 

woman standing sideways after weight loss

Just over six months later, Rose is down to 179 pounds, dropping 27 pounds total.

Future goals

Rose has very defined health and fitness goals in mind. First, Rose has a specific weight goal in mind, so she will exclusively do cardio until she reaches it. After she reaches her weight loss goal, Rose will get back into Q two to three times a week to build muscle and stamina.

“I’m continuing to enjoy a much lighter diet while enjoying certain things in moderation,” Rose said. 

Progressing towards her goals continues to be made easier as she lives and works only seven minutes from her local Xperience Fitness.

“I’d remind myself, ‘Alexis, the ability to achieve your goals is only seven minutes away,’” Rose revealed. “Additionally, it’s awesome to see so many people at so many different stages of their health and fitness journey. I appreciate seeing real people in the gym, going for their goals. It’s definitely encouraging.” 

Final advice

Rose has four main pieces of advice. The first is to remember that every step in the right direction counts, no matter how small. The second is to start with where you are, not with where someone else is, and grow from there. The third is to remember to be patient with yourself, results do not come overnight. Finally, the fourth is to cherish and focus on every moment of progress because it puts you one step closer to where you want to be. 

Results vary by person.