Let’s talk about movies for a second.

In 2004, British actor, Christian Bale dropped down to an incredibly unhealthy 121 lbs to play an insomniac haunted by his unreliable memory in the Machinist (Christian Bale is 6-feet tall by the way).

Within 6 months, the method actor bulked up (to the tune of 100 lbs) for his role in the Dark Knight precursor Batman Begins. Actually putting on too much weight, the director of the film requested he drop to about 190 from the 230 at which his weight gain regimen had left him. 

Shortly after filming the first installment of the Batman trilogy, Bale again dropped about 55 lbs for his role in the Vietnam war film Rescue Dawn.

By the time the filming of the multiple-award winning Dark Knight came around in 2008, Bale had bulked up close to his Batman Begins weight total at around 185 lb, putting on another 45 or so pounds.

The Point

“So why are we talking about movies?” You may be asking, “This is a fitness blog. You’re supposed to be discouraging me from spending time sitting around watching them.” We have an answer!

Although, we would never ever advocate you intentionally dropping into the 15-16 BMI range (then again we’re fitness experts and nutritionists not Academy Award winning actors), the staggering gains in Christian Bale’s transitions did not come independent of any external help.

Bale worked with a personal trainer to get the results he needed. For most of us, needing to add 100 pounds in 6 months is not a necessary goal. Although whatever your goals are, a personal trainer is there to ensure you are efficiently acting to actualize them.

Are we saying you can also jump up to a superhero physique in a much shorter time than you probably think? Yes – we are! Here is a short list of reasons to exercise with a personal trainer.

1. Your PT will help you work out the right way

You may have heard people say that there’s no right or wrong way to do something. Unfortunately that statement does not apply in the realm of meeting your individual fitness goals.

If you’re looking to improve your flexibility, for instance, and only working with weight equipment and cardio you’re not really optimizing your time at the gym. A personal trainer will get a feel of what you are looking to do at the gym and then provide guidance and encouragement, muscle-group by muscle-group, to see you accomplish that goal.

2. Your PT will keep you from working out the wrong way

On the other side of things, working out the wrong way could be extremely dangerous. Attempting to lift too much weight, lift in the wrong way, or burn yourself out could land you in the hospital or worse.

Your PT will be right by your side coaching you on the most efficient way to work out and making sure you don’t do anything that could injure you. Additionally, you’ll be working out with another person present, which leads to the next reason…

3. Your PT will keep you informed

Working out with a partner has proven benefits for being able to meet and maintain your fitness goals. So what happens when that partner is an expert who has trained and continues to train in all of the ways and nuances of personal fitness?

You get to enjoy all of the immediate benefits of them knowing everything there is to know about fitness and how to reach our goals without spending hours and weeks in the books like your PT has.

It’s like when you visit your friend in a city and he or she knows all of the places to eat, sites to see and neighborhoods to avoid. You’re not just hanging out with somebody who you like to see, you are clued into every detail about your surroundings by an expert.

4. Your PT will keep you accountable

Our minds are so strange. When we commit to something like a fitness routine, we are 100% positive that is what we want to do and we will not be swayed otherwise!

But what happens after a long day of work, the new season of the Walking Dead being added to Netflix and a full parking lot at the gym?

In that moment, 100% feels a lot more like 25% or even less. Your PT is there to make sure you are sticking with the routine you have committed yourself to, in order to get the results he or she knows you want. It’s a lot harder to back out of a trip to the gym when you know you’ll be reminded of your absence by somebody you let down beside yourself.

5. Your PT will keep you motivated

At some point or another, we’ve all been there. We get into a routine and next thing we know six months have passed and we’re still only deadlifting 85 lbs. It’s called plateauing and it’s a huge problem for unguided fitness routines.

One of your personal trainer’s primary goals is to motivate you to push the limits of your ability. Think you’re okay with 8 chin-ups? Your PT will ask you to do 10 or 12. He or she knows what you’re capable of, even if you don’t.

All of this means you will be challenged and also motivated. The men and women who go into personal training do so because their lives have been positively changed by fitness and they want everybody to experience what they have.

While he or she may offer an objective eye about the sciences of your workout, your PT will also bring a motivation that knows you are at a point where he or she was once also. Your PT pushed through it and believes you can too!

6. Your PT will set you up for a lifetime of fitness

In addition to offering guidance and workout routines for your time at the gym, your PT will work with you to develop dietary habits, supplement plans and expose you to communities where you can grow as you move forward into your fitness destiny.

It’s his or her goal to have you leave each session, and eventually the training, knowing that you are equipped to continue a lifestyle of setting goals and achieving them at the gym.

Ultimately, your personal trainer will be able to get you to whatever results you are looking for. If it is to improve flexibility, to bulk up or train for the new rugby season he or she will be your faithful expert coaching and encouraging you to that end.

Maybe you’re not quite sure what those goals are but wouldn’t mind looking like Batman. Your personal trainer is an excellent person to figure out the steps to the results you are seeking.

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