Unlock the Secret to Solving Your Chronic Pain

The secret to solving your chronic pain does not need to hinge on medications or frequent doctor’s visits, it can be as simple as, quite literally, freezing yourself through whole-body cryotherapy.

Whole-body cryotherapy (WBC), a practice that has been around since the late ‘70s, has been gaining popularity in the United States in more recent years. Cryotherapy, literally cold therapy, is the concept of healing the body through the use of cold temperatures. Although the practice of applying cold temperatures as a treatment can be dated back to 2500 BC, WBC has revolutionized the practice.

Whole-body cryotherapy involves entering a chamber of sub-zero temperatures for two to four minutes in order to stimulate the central nervous system.

But, as we leave another Midwest winter behind, why would you want to subject yourself to another round of sub-zero temperatures?

Cryotherapy and Chronic Pain

Health professionals have begun using WBC to relieve pain and inflammation from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, and injuries, according to Forbes.

Cryotherapy stimulates the nerves on your skin through extreme cold, triggering your central nervous system and, in turn, enhancing your circulation.

Increased circulation allows your blood to move in and out of inflamed areas faster, accelerating the healing of injured areas.

Breaking it down further, multiple areas of your body react after entering the chamber.

  • The hypothalamus releases endorphins and norepinephrine, which serve to block pain signals, boost your mood and energy, and work as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Blood travels from the extremities to your vital organs.
  • As your skin rewarms, the blood, high in oxygen, nutrients, and chemicals, returns to sites of injury and inflammation for repair.

Many users have reported an improved range of motion, reduced pain and inflammation, enhanced mood, more energy, rejuvenated skin, and enhanced sleep after completing sessions.

Ice out pain

Xperience Fitness has partnered with US Cryotherapy to make this innovative pain management and recovery method available to you. Take the next step to ice out your chronic pain and visit one of our locations.