So you don’t think that the “gym life” is the life for you? Well you may want to consider a change of heart (literally) and get into the gym. I am not going to tell you that you absolutely need a personal trainer to coach you. Though it is proven to be one of the fastest methods to gaining results in an efficient manner. I am not sitting here to tell you why you need to be working with a trainer. That will come later.

1. Avoiding the “Silent Killer” A.K.A Heart Disease/Diabetes

exercise decreases heart disease

As many people know, the leading cause of death in the United States per the CDC is heart disease. Up to 23.4% of deaths in the United States (614,348) are from heart disease. Well some people ask how can I prevent this or at least reduce the risk? Well the answer is quite simple! EXERCISE!! And a good diet always will help as well. But you may be asking how exercise can help lower the risk of heart disease. Well, by exercising regularly (2-3x a week for 60 min *ACSM/NSCA recommendation) has tons of benefits for your heart! Some of these benefits are: decreased blood pressure, increased ability for your heart to pump blood via increased stroke volume and decreased peripheral resistance, as well as improving your cholesterol profile! Your body has 2 kinds of cholesterol, and for ease let’s call them good and bad cholesterol. Well by exercising, you increase the good ones and decrease the bad ones! Wow! Pretty nuts huh? This is just scratching the surface of what exercise does for your heart, so please do good for your heart and go to the gym!

2. Body Composition Improvement

get your beach bod

So everyone wants that “beach bod” they see on TV these days, but what a lot of people don’t understand is the amount of work and dedication it takes to do that. But have no fear, super coach is here! I am here to reassure you that your goals of improving your overall body composition are not as far away as they may seem. By getting in the gym and doing the proper amount of resistance training based on your body type you can make fantastic progress in a short period of time with improving your amount of muscle mass. Now throw on a well built nutrition program, and an amazing cardio program and BOOM you have yourself a well paved pathway to that “body of your dreams.” As awesome as it would be to have that dream body in a snap of your fingers, getting inside those seemingly too heavy gym doors is the first HUGE step into the journey you are about to partake upon. And when barriers surround you, do not fade from your journey, just ask one of the coaches around the gym for advice or help. Trust me, we love being approached by new people because you are showing us you care about your journey.

3. Constant Improvement of your Mental State

exercise improves mental state

Many people get worried about the “ifs” and “whys” of daily life when it comes to their health or well-being, but what most don’t realize is their mental well-being is faded from this constant worry. Research has been proven recently that working out gives off many endorphins in the brain and creates a feeling of happiness. Not only does this positively impact your times you are working out, but with a good workout experience people tend to have better workouts in terms of building muscle and/or losing fat. With improved workout performance, long term results will also improve. When people see results, they have increased motivation to keep going. This cycle is never ending and has proven to make people have increased confidence, increased self image, and overall better well-being from working out.

So…what have we learned today? 1. Exercise reduces risk of heart disease, 2. Exercise helps improve body composition, and 3. Exercise will help improve mental health. All of these things start with the simple yet complicated task of getting through those seemingly all too large doors of the gym. Honestly, as hard as it may be, do it for yourself and take that step inside. Once you are there, it is easy to make improvements because you have made the hardest step already! Go take that step through the doors, and applaud yourself for doing the seemingly impossible for most. And when you have questions, please please please ask a trainer! We are always wanting to help.

Camren Crouse, CSCS
Trainer @ XF Suamico