Everyone has different goals. Some of us want to lose weight, some of us just want to find consistency at the gym. For Trey Parker, it was all about gaining muscle and achieving the definition he always desired. Like many people, Trey wasn’t satisfied with how he looked in photos and decided to make a serious change. He wasn’t in poor shape, by any means, but his perceived lack of muscular definition left him unhappy.

Starting in October 2021, Trey began his new regimen but not long after he suffered a hip injury that hindered his progress. “I didn’t want to work out as consistently because of fear of injuring it further,” he told us. “After about two weeks, I recovered and got back into it but certainly that break affected me mentally, and thinking it was going to be more major.” Injuries like these can often leave us sidelined for longer than we want and be a real hurdle to overcome on the way to our goals. Trey showed outstanding perseverance and powered through!

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Trey credited Xperience Fitness and those in the XF community for much of his success. He said, “The atmosphere there definitely tops many other gyms I’ve been to. The availability of equipment is superb.” He also gave a shoutout to Venessa Bjork, a fellow gymgoer in Apple Valley, as a form of support.

Since Trey’s muscle growth, he has also realized his improved mental and emotional health in addition to his physical endurance. “I certainly live by the ‘feel good to look good and look good to feel good’ motto,” he said. “Having the strength to do things I haven’t before or having the cardiovascular endurance to reach lengths I haven’t before is amazing compared to my prior years.”

Consistency is key, and Trey wants everyone reading this to know that. “It all starts with consistency, the beginning always sucks, it’s always where the most soreness comes. But once you look past it and strive towards that goal, results will come,” he said. “It doesn’t always have to be a huge leap, little victories count too. Doing something better than you did the week before even if by one rep, one second, or one more day.”

Trey left us with, “Big thanks to those at Xperience Fitness, staff and gymgoers alike. Everyone keeps a positive attitude and [is] very friendly. [It’s] a gym I plan on staying at.”

Great work, Trey! We love how far you’ve come and we can’t wait to see what else you accomplish!

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