Fitness success stories aren’t always 100% about losing weight. For Jeremy Ocampo-Wangnet, the main focus was building muscle and bulking up. Starting in December 2019, Jeremy made serious dietary changes and updated his workout regimen which helped him progress towards his ultimate goal. “I decided I wanted to start gaining more muscle and progressed on my journey to fitness,” he told us. “I was able to start putting on lean mass which brought me to 177 pounds. I really started to bulk up when I hit 186 pounds.”

Every fitness journey has its difficulties and setbacks, however. “I did have a few moments where I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore,” Jeremy said. “Especially in trying to change my diet. It was super difficult to continue the keto diet but I stuck to it and the results really amazed me.” Anyone who has tried a brand new diet will tell you that dedication and commitment are essential, yet they are also the hardest components to keep consistent.

Coming to Xperience Fitness helped to motivate and inspire Jeremy to be his best. “I always had [a] leaner, more small build because of wrestling throughout my years in high school and in my college years,” Jeremy said. “When I saw how everyone around me [at Xperience] was progressing, it inspired me to continue my path towards a healthy lifestyle.”

With his time spent at the gym, Jeremy saw his body transform more quickly, which led him to take his dieting even more seriously. Additionally, he found success in cross-training. “I found that changing up the workouts I do gives my body a challenge,” he told us. Doing different workouts and targeting different parts of the body is a key to success in bulking up. Take Jeremy’s firsthand experience as proof!

To those who are working through their own journey, Jeremy said, “Never give up. You will come to moments where things feel like they aren’t improving or that things are constantly in the way. When you’re in that moment, that’s when you have to really work harder. Keep going and keep killing it!”

We love hearing stories like yours, Jeremy! We can’t wait to see what else you do!