Fitness success isn’t limited to just pure weight loss. For Aidan Bartelt, it’s been all about bulking up and getting stronger. “I started lifting heavy weights when I was in eighth grade,” Aidan said. “The reason for starting [was] because I was teased a lot when I was younger and became very self-conscious of my scrawny self and I wanted to get stronger.” It’s never okay to be made fun of because of your physique, but Aidan responded to it positively and has dedicated his life to fitness ever since.

I started lifting two times a day and eating almost 4,000 calories every day,” he continued. “Around my junior year was when I gained 40 pounds of mass and I felt amazing.” Once you find your groove and discover what works best for you, it’s hard to slow down! Aidan has continued to ascend and there’s no stopping him.

As for his current regimen? He told us, “Now that I’m older, and after four-plus years of weight training, I am on a set five-day-a-week workout schedule and I’m continuing to see massive growth in my strength.”

Keep on going, Aidan! We love to see stories like this and we can’t wait to see what else you accomplish!

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