How to Set Health and Fitness Goals with Your Family

Make your fitness goals easier to achieve by setting them with your whole family.  Set health goals with your family (or group of friends) by using this health goal worksheet. Print this off and hang it on your fridge or door where everyone will see it.

Maybe you’ve tried to set a health goal by yourself and didn’t succeed. Maybe it was too hard to fit exercise and a good diet in when your family continued to eat the same way. How can your entire family set health goals together and help each other succeed?

Setting Goals as a Family

It’s easier to accomplish a goal with a support group. What support group is better than your family?

If you’re overall goals are about eating better, than it’ll be much more effective if the whole family is on board. Ditch the junk together and eat better together!

Each member of the family can choose a specific goal.

For Example:

Mom – Switch soda with water

Dad – Pack a lunch every day

Child – Eat breakfast each morning before school

Setting Attainable Goals

Your goals should be challenging, attainable, specific, and positive. Sit down with your family and talk about the health goals you want to achieve. Use our printable worksheet to start the conversation and get your goal in writing.

Write Down Specific Goals

Avoid vague goals. You shouldn’t make your goal “Lose weight” make sure you have a specific amount of weight you want to lose and your deadline. “I want 25 pounds in 12 weeks” Make your goals as specific as possible.

Define Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

Talk about your health goals and why you want to achieve them. Why do you want to lose weight or run. What are some obstacles you might run into while trying to achieve your goal?

Think about what you’ll do if you find yourself close to the deadline but aren’t as close to your goal. You wanted to lose 25 pounds in 12 weeks. It’s week 10 and you’ve lost 8 pounds. Don’t give up!

Choose a Reward!

How will you reward yourself for achieving your goal? Are you going to give yourself a dollar every time you work out? If you achieve your goal, are you going to buy yourself something you’ve wanted?

Choose something to work towards and write it down!

Working Towards Your Goals Working towards goals takes work. It’ll be challenging and some members of the family might be more successful than others. It’s important to support each other no matter what!