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Group Exercise Classes – A Fun Fitness Party

Group exercise classes consist of many different formats to meet your fitness needs. Come work out in a fun, motivating and challenging environment. Plus, working out in a group setting helps keep you motivated and accountable to your workouts. We have Body Pump, AquaZumba, Zumba, Cycling, Yoga, Silversneakers, and more! Let’s crush it at XF!
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Personal Training – All Fitness Levels

Your complete solution for reaching your fitness goals, regardless of where you are starting. Whether you have never worked out a day in your life, it’s been a few years since you have been to the gym, or you simply want to reach your goals faster, XF Personal Training can help. Work one-on-one with a certified personal trainer to reach your goals (weight loss, weight gain, or overall health) and have fun while doing it. We will give you individualized fitness programs to reach your fitness goals, including help with fitness and nutrition.

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Q HIIT Group Training – Burn Up To 1500 Calories A Session

With custom music playlists, access to exclusive workout rooms and a “fitness nightclub” atmosphere, Q gives you something other fitness programs don’t – a brand new kind of workout experience. You’ll be challenged to push yourself harder than ever before all while having fun! That’s not a bad way to reach your fitness goals. Each session you will work your full body with HIIT cardio, weights, abs, and more!

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Everyone has their own story and everyone has their own obstacles to push through. For Tom, the hurdles he’s had to overcome are a bit higher than others’. Tom primarily uses a wheelchair to get around, which, naturally, requires more effort to complete his workout regimen. However, this isn’t anything that has stopped him from […]

Everyone has their own story. Some fitness journeys are long and winding, others involve short-term, fast-paced goals. For Lauren Pfile, the story is about her impressively losing 30 pounds in just three months! Lauren found herself a personal trainer, Rebecca “Becca” Kelly, at Xperience Fitness in Suamico. “Because of Becca, I’ve not only learned how […]

One of the best ways to reach your fitness goals is to work with a personal trainer. Trainers are great at motivating and educating, and they can even develop into friends! For Holly Jordan, a personal trainer played a large role in her own successes. “I have been working with my awesome coach, Paige, since […]

When Terry started his fitness journey, he weighed just under 300 pounds in October of 2016. Just over a year later, he was down to 180 pounds, but he still wasn’t satisfied. Over the next few months, he wanted to add muscle. Muscle adds weight, but it’s different than adding weight by way of fat. […]

No two fitness stories are alike. For Chris Straumfjord, his weight loss journey began when he was dealing with obesity in 2002. As a high schooler, the pressures of fitting in are stronger than in most other walks of life. As an overweight teenager, Chris motivated himself to get a job at the Appleton YMCA […]

In February of 2017, Haley Rathe began her weight loss journey. Over the last four years, she has lost a whopping 92 pounds! After attending a friend’s engagement party, Haley had an epiphany. She saw herself in some photos with her friends and thought “you are too young to be this unhappy with yourself.” That […]

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