Did you make a New Year’s Resolution?  Learn how you can be successful and achieve your New Year’s resolution!

New Year’s Resolution Stats and Solutions

Making a New Year’s Resolution goes back to the ancient Romans. At the beginning of the year, they would make pledges to Janus, the god who January is named. Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions. Since then, countries across the world have taken up the tradition of making a resolution for the new year.

Percentage of Americans who make resolutions 45%

Percentage of Americans who achieve their resolution 8%

38% of resolutions are weight related

Why is weight loss such a large resolution goals? In the United States, 68.5% of adults are overweight and 34.5% are obese.

Out of those who make a resolution, 46% will continue working on their resolutions after six months.

Why are people unable to achieve their New Year’s resolution? The biggest hindrances are vague goals, lack of support, and not formally setting a resolution goal.

Men who set a measurable goal were 22% more likely to succeed

Women who had support from family and friends were 10% more likely to succeed

Folks who make an official resolution are 10 times more likely to change their lives than someone who doesn’t.

Achieve your resolution this year:

  • Make a resolution
  • Set manageable goals
  • Get the support of your friends and family