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Knowledge is power so when it comes to fitness, it can be the difference between getting results and wasting your time. Want to learn how to navigate gym equipment? Want to learn proper form for that haunting deadlift? Want to learn what you should be eating to reach a goal? We have you covered!


Want to truly find out what you’re capable of? Want to test and expand your limits to push yourself like never before? Whether you want to elevate your fitness, your diet or both, we can give you the push you’ve been waiting for!

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Want to lose weight, but it just isn’t happening the way you want it to? Not enough, too slow or inconsistent progress? We can help! Want to pack on the muscle, but aren’t sure you are doing what you need to get there? Let the gains begin!


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Committing to fitness and health comes easily to some people, but other times it can take working at a gym to begin going to the gym. Katherine Morgan had tried to make fitness a lifestyle for years, but it was only when she began working as a team member at Xperience Fitness Hales Corner in May 2019 that she was able to commit to her health. In the seven months since starting her weight loss journey, Morgan has lost 40 pounds.

Mackenzie Kaspszak knew it was time to make a change when she looked at herself in the mirror and could not find happiness. So, in the fall of 2017, she began her fitness journey. In the two years since, Kaspszak has gone from weighing 185 pounds and having 29 percent body fat to sitting at 150 pounds and 23 percent body fat.

Scott Palma had been lifting weights since high school, but never saw the definition he desired. So, in 2016, Palma decided to start taking his health and fitness seriously by bettering his diet and researching new workouts. Palma began his journey at 135 pounds in 2016, after one year he grew to 160 pounds, and now he sits around 175 pounds.

Her Vang has been interested in weight lifting since high school, but when he hit 21 years old he realized he was not as happy with himself as he could be and vowed to make a change. So, in the summer of 2016, Vang began bodybuilding, and within three years, he has put on 13 pounds of muscle and competes in physique competitions.

While most in college unintentionally gain weight, Eric Pichardo decided his college days were the perfect time to get in shape. Pichardo no longer wanted to be a victim of low self-esteem or put himself further at risk for weight-related diseases, so he took it upon himself to begin working out, eventually losing 52 pounds, to date.

When doctors told Janet Dooley she had breast cancer in January 2018, she sat there stunned, unable to move. She had found a lump in her breast but the doctor’s diagnosis confirmed her worst fears.

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