Personal Training has changed at Xperience Fitness. Why? Because you asked for it! It is now easier than ever before to work with a Nationally Certified Coach; no long term commitments, no high prices, no “catch”! You decide what you want to focus on so your Coach can get you there while having a great time doing it!
Whether you have never worked out a day in your life or are an avid gym goer, it’s simple and easy to get started. Start now, have fun and create lasting habits that make you fall in love with all things fitness!

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Knowledge is power so when it comes to fitness, it can be the difference between getting results and wasting your time. Want to learn how to navigate gym equipment? Want to learn proper form for that haunting deadlift? Want to learn what you should be eating to reach a goal? We have you covered!


Want to truly find out what you’re capable of? Want to test and expand your limits to push yourself like never before? Whether you want to elevate your fitness, your diet or both, we can give you the push you’ve been waiting for!

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Want to lose weight, but it just isn’t happening the way you want it to? Not enough, too slow or inconsistent progress? We can help! Want to pack on the muscle, but aren’t sure you are doing what you need to get there? Let the gains begin!


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Michelle Gilbert, 50, always had the desire to lose weight, being overweight or obese her entire life, but none of the weight loss programs she tried were successful. In April 2018, Gilbert decided to try Isagenix products and began working out at Xperience Fitness Greenfield. Since then, Gilbert has lost 103 pounds, 98 inches, is down five pant sizes, and has been able to keep her weight off for over a year.

In 2017, Marissa Njos not only decided to focus on fitness. Now she is competing in a bikini show in May and has lost 20 pounds.

Sometimes transformations have nothing to do with the number on the scale and have everything to do with breaking personal records, finding yourself, and newfound confidence, as was the case for Marissa Beida. Beida had always been an active person and competed in sports throughout high school, but in 2015 she started taking fitness much more seriously. While her weight has barely changed, Beida has spent years building her muscle.

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