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Knowledge is power so when it comes to fitness, it can be the difference between getting results and wasting your time. Want to learn how to navigate gym equipment? Want to learn proper form for that haunting deadlift? Want to learn what you should be eating to reach a goal? We have you covered!


Want to truly find out what you’re capable of? Want to test and expand your limits to push yourself like never before? Whether you want to elevate your fitness, your diet or both, we can give you the push you’ve been waiting for!

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Want to lose weight, but it just isn’t happening the way you want it to? Not enough, too slow or inconsistent progress? We can help! Want to pack on the muscle, but aren’t sure you are doing what you need to get there? Let the gains begin!


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In late 2018, a typical morning became ineffaceable for Gretchen Adrian when she felt a lump in her breast as she rolled over in bed. However, because Adrian had just had a physical and mammogram two months earlier, she was unconcerned but still saw her doctor right away. Much to her surprise and horror, Adrian’s biopsy revealed that the seemingly unassuming lump was cancer.

Three years ago this October, Kelly Savelkoul, a fitness instructor at Xperience Fitness Waukesha, got a call that would change her life. Although Savelkoul prepared herself for days for this phone call, receiving the news that you have cancer is one you cannot mentally prepare for.

On January 20, 2018, Mary Jo Bellinger, a longtime fitness instructor at Xperience Fitness Greenfield, was given news no person deserves to hear, “You have been diagnosed with breast cancer.” On January 12, during a routine 3D mammogram, Bellinger’s doctor found an area of concern. A needle biopsy later, and the doctors had confirmed what they saw was, in fact, breast cancer.

Billy Grisack’s life took a drastic turn after having heart bypass surgery. Grisack began continuously gaining weight and developed a variety of serious medical issues. He quickly hit 400 pounds, but it was only after a tragic family event and meeting a man that would inspire him to lose weight that Grisack took his health seriously. Now, about two years later, Grisack is down 90 pounds.

Stories about dieting and working out are plagued by those wanting to lose weight, while many overlook the struggle of those trying to put on weight and muscle. Wil Frost struggled with his body image growing up. Frost had always been tall and skinny, but every time he tried to put on weight and muscle, it would not stick. However, since joining Xperience Fitness in August 2018, Frost has put on 40 pounds of muscle.

Like many mothers, Ashlee Stephens found herself gaining weight throughout her pregnancy. When she delivered her daughter in May 2017, she expected to make a full recovery, but six months after the birth, she had only lost just over 20 pounds of the 87 pounds she gained. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it can do a number on a pregnant person’s body. Before Stephens got pregnant, she weighed about 120 pounds. Over the course of 9 months, she grew to 204.6 pounds. Six months later, Stephens was still 184 pounds. When she plateaued at 184, Stephens knew she had to make some changes to her lifestyle.

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