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Jake Zvonar, a current personal trainer at Xperience Fitness Hales Corners, started his weight loss journey on July 13, 2018, after a traumatizing personal problem. Since then, he has lost around 50 pounds.

Meghan Fink attempted losing weight about two years ago. While Fink lost 30 pounds in just three months through counting calories, her method of weight loss was not sustainable and within the next year and a half, she gained about 15 of those pounds back. Fink was able to take what she learned from the first attempt at losing weight and design a program that worked for her. Since May, Fink has lost 35 pounds and, in total, she is down over 60 pounds and has reduced her pant size from 14 to 5/6.

Alec Schenzel was to the point that his weight was making his life complicated. Schenzel was depressed, unhappy, lacked confidence, and began to develop an addiction problem. About 10 months ago, Schenzel decided to change his life for the better and start making his physical and mental health a priority. Since beginning to workout, Schenzel has lost 130 pounds and has greatly improved his mental health.

When Amanda Cich joined Xperience Fitness Blaine in the spring of 2017 she was tired of how she felt, both physically and mentally. When Cich started at Xperience she weighed 148 pounds and had 25 percent body fat, in just over a year and a half, she has dropped to 122 pounds and 16.5 percent body fat.

Committing to fitness and health comes easily to some people, but other times it can take working at a gym to begin going to the gym. Katherine Morgan had tried to make fitness a lifestyle for years, but it was only when she began working as a team member at Xperience Fitness Hales Corner in May 2019 that she was able to commit to her health. In the seven months since starting her weight loss journey, Morgan has lost 40 pounds.

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