Functional Training

Professional training to get you in shape.
Start on a pace that is right for you.
Friendly trainers to keep you on track.

Resistance Machines

State of the art modern resistance machines.
Strengthen and tone your upper and lower body.
Lots of square footage on gym floor.

Salt Water Pools

Enjoy a modern olympic size pool.
Salt water composition for a smoother swim.
Do some laps or cool down after a workout.

Turf Area

Professional turf to meet your workout preference.
Painted lines for agility and speed exercises.
Work your core like never before.

Strengthen Your Core Today!

Your Xperience membership gives you so much, along with access to classes, personal trainers and so much more, you can also enjoy the following amenities:

  • Fitness Floor Access
  • 7 Days Per Week
  • Locker Rooms
  • Large Swimming Pool
  • Sauna
  • Rows & Rows of Cardio Machines
  • Turf Area
  • Huge Weight Room
  • Access To All Club Hours
At Xperience Fitness, $9.99/mo per month gives you valuable resources that will help you develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle.
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