Is artificial sweetener worse than sugar?

Too much sugar is a bad thing, that isn’t a surprise. So, a common solution people find is replacing it with artificial sugar substitutes without sacrificing that sweet flavor we all crave. But is artificial sweetener worse than sugar? That depends on how you look at it. Artificial sweeteners are often calorie-free, so if you want to create a calorie deficit, they might help you out. However, they are also usually 200 to 600 times sweeter than natural sugar and can even stimulate your appetite and cause you to eat more.

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Is artificial sweetener bad for you?

Yes, when consumed in large quantities. If you’re replacing your five Cokes a day with five Diet Cokes a day, you aren’t really drinking anything healthier. Artificial sweeteners can be helpful for weight control and for those suffering from diabetes, however. Artificial sweeteners generally won’t cause blood sugar problems, so they are a viable alternative when needed. However, this doesn’t mean that cutting out sugar in favor of artificial sweeteners altogether will make you healthy. They can be just as addictive as sugar and high consumption has been linked to cancer and elevated cholesterol levels.

The Bottom Line

Artificial sweeteners may not be any worse than sugar, but it often comes with the illusion that it is a healthy substitute. If you’re doing everything you can to cut calories, go for the artificial stuff, but just be smart about it. Anything in excess is not good for you. Conversely, almost anything in moderation won’t harm you. If you’re not drinking a couple of Red Bulls every day, a cookie with real sugar once in a while won’t hurt you. Just be mindful of your choices, and whatever you decide will be fine.

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