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Since your goal is losing weight, our trainers recommend a few things in the areas of Resistance Training, Cardio, and Nutrition. Read the information below and compare it to what you are currently doing. Fill out the information below if you need help in any of the areas and we will set up a time to help you.

Resistance Training

Compound Movements:

Your workouts should be highly focused on doing exercises that incorporate multiple joint movements. The more muscles you use the more muscle you breakdown and this leads to massive calorie burn. These need to be the staple of your workouts for both upper and lower body.


Standing around between sets should not be part of a program that is designed to lose weight. Whether it is push/pull or upper/lower, your exercises should be paired in almost everything you do. This will keep your heart rate up, allow you to complete more exercises, and allow for more time for your cardio activity.



A couple times per week your cardio workouts should include intervals. Proper intervals based on your max heart rate (not based on time) can allow you to take advantage of excess post oxygen consumption (EPOC) and give you additional calorie burn for up to the next 48 hours. Studies show that these workouts can burn more than 3X the number of calories than normal steady state workouts. Make sure your workouts are in line with the science.

Right Time:

To get the most out of your cardio you must do it at the right time in your workout. What the body uses for fuel is determined by your heart rate and the length of time you have been working out. Do your cardio at the wrong time and your main fuel source will not be fat it will be muscle. Make sure your cardio program is done based on exactly what you are trying to burn.


Below TDEE:

Your daily caloric intake needs to be below your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). Your TDEE is the number of calories your body burns involuntarily plus the number of calories your body burns from movement and is the number that you need to base everything off. If you are not using this number and tracking it, then you are putting yourself at risk of all your hard work not paying off. Weight loss programs make this a staple.

The Right Calories:

Increased protein intake is a must in a weight loss nutrition plan. Protein has so many benefits including making you feel full longer and repairing your body from your workouts. In addition, protein can ignite your metabolism because it takes 5X the amount of energy to digest protein than it does for the body to digest carbs and fats. If weight loss is the goal, then protein intake should have increased.

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