After experiencing negative side effects from a cholesterol medication, Dave (57) was ready to find a different way to take control of his health. He had been a member of Xperience Fitness for several years, but his diet and workout routines were not at the level they needed to be for weight loss. On Fat Tuesday, Dave made the life changing decision to try the Q Fitness Program.

“I decided it was time to take weight loss seriously, so I started the Q program. Within 2 months of doing Q and changing my eating habits I was down 15 lbs (after two years of not being able to lose weight). The results have been phenomenal.”

Dave attends Q classes four times per week, plus one additional day of cardio work. He has also become more intentional about his diet. He stays away from saturated fat and added sugar, and eats whole grains, legumes, nuts, fruit, vegetables, fresh chicken, and fresh fish. He’s cut out all soda, and instead choses water, tea, or black coffee.

Although Dave’s lifestyle changes have been extremely beneficial, the transition has not been without its challenges.
“I would say the toughest moment in the Q program is getting through the first couple of weeks, when your body is trying to acclimate to the new schedule- stiffness and soreness. But once you get past that, it’s great!

If you’re gearing up to begin your own fitness journey, Dave would offer the following pieces advice – be consistent, make it a habit, and stay with the program. His hard work and dedication have resulted in a clearer mind, clothes that fit, and more energy

“My fitness level was so poor before, I could not keep up with my son when we went skiing or my daughter when I took her backpacking in the mountains. They would do circles around me and wait for me to catch up. I have my life back!”

XF Before and After

In addition to feeling better about his health and appearance, Dave feels the Q fitness program has also improved his productivity at work and at home.

“It has Certainly improved my mental focus, I participate much more effectively in meetings, my work performance has improved, and getting things done around the house has also been better.”

Over time, Dave’s incredible dedication developed into a habit, and has ultimately resulted in a total lifestyle change.

“I’m motivated by the results and how I feel. I came to the realization that I’m not 20 anymore- I can’t eat whatever I want whenever I want with limited activity and still be fine. You really need to have a lifestyle change for the long run.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Dave! Keep up the good work.