What Are the Different Types of Q Classes at Xperience Fitness?

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At Xperience Fitness, we offer Q, a high-intensity exercise program designed to burn as many calories as possible in a short period of time. When you come to Q, you will work out at four separate stations. Usually in a 30 second on, 30 second off format, you will do carrying exercises at each station before rotating to the next one. Classes last 45 minutes and can burn up to 1,500 calories, plus many more after your workout due to your heightened metabolism. There are currently four different types of Q classes offered: Base, Combat, Power, and Boost. All classes follow the same format, but each one contains certain exercises designed to challenge you in different ways. Every class will consist of a cardio station, dumbbells, and bodyweight exercises.

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Q Base Class

Base provides participants with an even combination of cardio and resistance training exercises. Consider Base to be the all-encompassing class that will give you the evenest workout possible.

Q Combat Class

Combat incorporates traditional boxing as well as kickboxing to the ordinary Q workout. And no, this doesn’t include sparring with classmates, but rather a station dedicated to boxing bags. Bring your own mitts or use ones we have!

Q Power Class

If strength training is your favorite, you will love Q Power. Power is designed to maximize weight lifting and muscle building. Every Q class will help you build muscle, but Power puts extra emphasis on resistance and weight training.

Q Boost Class

Boost is arguably the most difficult Q class as it focuses on strengthening your core and may involve longer exercise intervals. In addition to normal cardio and weight exercises, Boost will test the limits of your core strength and leave you feeling sore but satisfied!

Q is available to members with the Xperience Fitness Orange Card. Upgrade your membership below.

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