Spending time with that special someone during the coldest month of the year is an opportunity many couples don’t try to squander. While your time in the gym can be seen as the time you take to yourself, exercising together can have a lot of benefit. In fact, it gives you another chance to share in an activity you both enjoy, provides a spotter for exercises that are difficult, and motivation in both encouragement from your partner, and desire to reach your goals for them. Here are 9 exercises designed to be done together.

9 Exercises for Couples this Valentine’s Day

Back-to-Back Squat (Lower Body)

For this squat, lean your backs against each other (linking arms if necessary) and squat down. If it helps you, use vocal cues to stay in rhythm.

Squatted Ball Pass (Lower Body & Core)

Make sure to keep a little distance between the both of you and hold the ball (either a Medicine Ball or Slam Ball) away from your body. Try to develop a rhythm as you pass it around in a circle and make sure to go opposite directions on alternating reps. If holding the squatting position is too hard, you can stand as well.

Plank Hand-Shake (Upper Body)

Start in a Forearm Plank, reach out, grab each other’s hand and continuously pull the other’s hand back and forth like you’re sawing a log.

Medicine Ball Bounce Pass (Upper Body)

For this you need a Medicine Ball and little space. Lift the ball above your head and slam it down in front of you hard enough that it bounces to your partner who catches it and repeats.

Resistance Band Rotating Pulls (Upper Body & Core)

This exercise require a Resistance Band. One person hold it out in front of them, the other, standing to their partner’s side, facing them, pulls the band down while twisting their body to the side. Make sure to keep your arms fully extended throughout the exercise.

Partner Leg Throws (Core)

Lying down on the ground, grip your standing partner’s ankles and lift your legs up. Once your feet have come up to where they are past your hips, your partner pushes them back down and you control the descent. If your lower back hurts, try placing your hands under your hips. If you want to work your core even more, when your feet reach their zenith position, bring your hips up off the mat, creating a forward tilt in your pelvis before being pushed back down.

Valentine’s Day should be a time for couples to enjoy their moments together. Don’t let the bad weather or icy roads stop you from reaching your goals. Support each other and achieve your fitness goals together by doing these fun couple’s exercises together. Happy Valentine’s Day!