5 Foods to Help You Gain Muscle and Lean Out

Nutrition affects every aspect of your health, including how you build muscle. Exercise will help you begin to build lean muscle, but if you do not commit to the proper nutrition your results will stall.

While there are many nutrition options to build lean muscle, incorporating these five foods into your daily meals – along with continuing regular exercise – will have your muscles emerging faster than ever.


Eggs are known as the perfect protein, but they offer so much more. They are a great source of Riboflavin, Vitamin B12 and Phosphorus. The caloric ration for a whole, raw, fresh egg is 2 percent carbs, 63 percent fats, and 35 percent protein.
Along with being filled with essential nutrients, studies show that eggs can help you eat fewer calories for the next 36 hours and foster weight and body fat loss. If you don’t like eggs, don’t worry, replace them with a quality protein for similar effects.
All of our clubs carry healthy, grab-and-go meals. If you are looking to incorporate more eggs in your diet, try out our Broccoli Cheddar Quiche, containing 23.3 grams of protein.


Chickpeas should be your carb of choice. Try including more chickpeas in your diet by replacing rice and grain with them. They contain 45 grams of slow-acting carbs per cup with 12 grams of fiber, ensuring you stay full for longer while encouraging muscle growth.


Salmon contains high-quality protein and long-chain omega-3 fats like EPA and DHA. Omega-3 fatty acids are well-known for their ability to improve heart health, but they also inhibit muscle breakdown.
If you are not a fan of fish, take a fish oil supplement. Our clubs carry SRX Supplement RX fish oils that help you get those essential omega-3’s.

Chicken breast

Chicken breast is the obvious lean-muscle-building food, and for good reason. A 3-ounce serving of chicken breast contains about 26 grams of high-quality protein, as well as generous amounts of the B vitamins niacin and B6, which help the body function properly during physical activity and exercise.
All of our clubs carry chicken-based, healthy, grab-and-go meals. Try out our Chicken Asian Wrap, containing 38.8 grams of protein, our Chicken Tacos, containing 64.6 grams of protein, or our Grilled Honey Sesame Chicken Breast, containing 58.6 grams of protein.

Protein powder

Although not a food, protein powder undoubtedly adds essential muscle-creating nutrients – when paired with healthy, whole foods – to your diet. Protein reduces appetite, increases feelings of fullness, increases metabolic rate and protects muscle mass during weight loss. All of our clubs offer whey protein powders to aid in building and repairing lean muscle and giving you long-lasting energy throughout the day.

Remember, exercise will only get you a fraction of the results you want, unless paired with the proper, balanced nutrition.