3 Benefits of Localized Cryotherapy

woman gets localized cryotherapy on her knees

3 Benefits of Localized Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has been around for eons, first being introduced in 2500 BC by the Egyptians and evolving over time. But what does cryotherapy, specifically localized cryotherapy, look like in modern times and does it continue to be a panacea of sorts? In short, yes. 

Clearly localized cryotherapy works or it would not have stood the test of time. Xperience Fitness has partnered with US Cryotherapy to bring localized cryotherapy to its members. But what exactly is localized cryotherapy in the modern sense? 

Localized, or targeted, cryotherapy is the use of a cold air device directed at a specific muscle area or spasm. The cold air is directed at a specific spot for two to three minutes, reaching -25 to -45 degrees Fahrenheit. This drops skin temperature quickly with most reporting no feeling of discomfort. 

Localized cryotherapy has many benefits, here are just three that have been scientifically researched and proven. 


The treatment of migraines with cold therapy has existed for over 150 years. Localized cryotherapy targeting the carotid arteries at the neck was found to significantly reduce recorded pain in participants with migraine headaches. 

Reduces inflammation

Localized cryotherapy speeds up healing on a specific area of concern. This process also triggers a systemic anti-inflammatory response, reducing pain and inflammation, improving circulation, and boosting the body’s metabolic rate.

Pain relief and muscle healing 

Cryotherapy reduces blood flow to an injury site. This is done to not only reduce the severity of a bruise, but reducing blood flow also reduces inflammation, swelling, and tissue damage. So if you get a localized cryotherapy treatment right after a workout, you may be able to slow the inflammation process and reduce soreness. 

Ok, where do I sign up?

Xperience Fitness has partnered with US Cryotherapy, the industry leader in whole-body cryotherapy. Through US Cryotherapy, Xperience offers four cryotherapy options.

  • Whole-body cryotherapy: 2 to 3.5 minutes of full-body cold exposure that reduces pain, inflammation, and stress while rejuvenating your body, skin, and mind. Our whole-body cryotherapy chambers are nitrogen-free, free oxygenated air. 
  • Localized cryotherapy: Targets specific muscle areas or joints directly with cold air for 2 to 3 minutes to decrease pain and inflammation while improving circulation. 
  • Normatec: Uses compression therapy to increase circulation and moves fluid through the body to promote faster recovery. 
  • Theragun: An advanced massage device that breaks up muscle tightness, reduces soreness, and restores range of motion in as little as 30 seconds. 

Visit Xperience Fitness Woodbury, Coon Rapids, or Roseville for more information regarding cryotherapy. Stop living your life trying to suppress and stifle your chronic pain, try cryotherapy today to see if this is the relief you have been waiting for. Cold is a powerful energy, use it to get your life back today.